Adria Ferrali's  Master Classes are styled in Martha Graham-based technique and composed with an intense "Floorwork", "Standing Combinations" and "Variations across the Floor". Young dancers learn the basics of modern dance movement and the principles of "Contractions, Oppositions, and Spirals".   They also perform and examine in details classical variations and understand technical and stylistic evolutions of this discipline in the twentieth century. 

The Graham method has brought a renewal in the theater and in the arts from America throughout the world, changing the structure of classical dancer's movement and shaping the body through expressive and meaningful gestures, giving prominence to elegance, dynamism and a deep artistic creativity.

Such knowledge will increase the physical potential of the dancers and will provide a stimulus to their deep and original creative impulse.  

Lessons can be preceded by a Pilates warm-up class. 
The Pilates method also referred in the field of postural rehabilitation, is perfectly matched to the work of young dancers. In particular, Pilates exercises are developing awareness of the breath and promote proper alignment of the spine by strengthening the muscles of the deep plane of the trunk.

The cornerstone of the method is the strengthening of the center and the improvement of the flexibility.


Theory Classes
The lectures guide the dancers to study the history and the development of contemporary dance and the evolution of style. It will also examine in detail the fundamental bases and various choreographic compositions with related training stage of representation. The lectures will be complemented by video projections and information material.




Training Workshop for Modern Dance Teachers


The workshop is reserved for dance teachers and advanced students who aim to refine and broaden their knowledge and professionalism and is particularly suitable to those who seak to teach or already teach modern dance techniques. The program deepens the methodology of the Graham-based technique style developed  successfully  by Miss Ferrali around Europe, the USA and Russia throughout very well known dance Academies and Theaters such as at the Royal Danish Ballet School, the School of the Teatro Alla Scala Milano, the University College of Dance in  Stockholm, the Balletakademien of Gothenburg in Sweden, the Kemerovo State University of Siberia, the Boston Conservatory and more.


The course alternates between moments of theoretical training and training practice.

1)  Theory and practice of a Graham-based Dance technique: floor work/ standing work and traveling across the floor (the fundamental principles of movement)

2) Anatomy and physiology of a dancer, principles of correct posture and dynamics for a long lasting career

3) Pedagogy

4) Dance history notes and Videos
















Classes promoted by New Dance Drama are open to professionals and young students: