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"A historical evening of dance"

Gothenburg Posten Sweden


"The show is truly excellent: we dare call it, simply perfect" 

Rivista Musical Italy


"An evening full of poetry" 

La Provincia" Cremona Italy



"spectacular interpretation of Adria Ferrali 

"an exciting show that has managed to hit the soul and sensitivity of the public"

La Cronaca Cremona Italy


"superb choice of music"

Montgomery Advertiser the USA


"entirely in the spirit of her great matriarch, Martha Graham". "her dance moves from the soul", "the movements of the powerful and elegant Florentine are of a sculptural sophistication"

Der Spiegel Berlin Germany

“An outstanding performance!”

Ravenna News Italy


“She is the reflection of our traditional roots that will never fade”

M° Cesare Lanzoni Actor


"I have known Adria Ferrali for many years. She has performed under my direction with the Martha Graham Dance Ensemble and Martha Graham Dance Company. In November 1993, I brought her with me to the Netherlands as an Assistant and Demonstrator for the restaging of Martha Graham's masterwork, Diversion of Angels, for the Het Nationale Ballet Company. At that time I trained her on techniques and methods of working with ballet dancers in modern dance choreography. Adria did an excellent job and later used this knowledge in her work at the Royal Danish Ballet School.
Most recently I rehearsed with Adria, as performer/dancer, in October 2014 at the 92nd St Y, on my choreography titled "The Cry." We reconstructed the piece for her so that this dance will endure to the next generation.
Adria is a talented, gifted performer, teacher, and choreographer and I am proud of her achievements over the years"



"She danced with the Martha Graham Dance Company, she brings a fire and passion for not only dance but for ideas... she also brings a reminder of the standard to which we should aspire. She's very passionate and energetic, and we're so glad she's here"

Prof. Tori Lee Averett

Chair of the Dance Theater Department at the Troy University Alabama USA











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